Please take note that our $60.00 Remote Training Collar Set is only "water resistant" and not 100% water proof like our Submersible set.

Do not submerge these collars completely under water or allow your dogs to swim with them on. It will cause permanent damage to the collars and make sure that both of the black rubber plugs are pushed back into the holes right after each charge to prevent water from sneaking into the charging port.

FIRST TIME USE: Please charge your remote and collar for 6 hours before initial use. It should only take 1-2 hours to charge your training set afterwards.

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PetProducts4Less offers a range of solutions that allows you to manage your pet at a distance for safe and effective behaviour correction. We sell pet training products such as automatic dog barking collars, rechargeable & waterproof remote training collars and indoor static mats for cats & dogs. Please see below for more information.

BE AWARE OF "KNOCK-OFFS!": Our branded "Petainer & iPets" brand we sell on our website are originals and sold direct to us from the manufacturer. Please be very aware that many being sold on the internet that carry our brand are "knock-offs" being sold for much less! Some will even go as far as carry a patent label, stickers but the quality and internal designs will fail within days or from weeks to months of normal use. Read more...

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*Make it a good habit of always reinserting your rubber plugs back into it's hole right after charging to prevent water damage from the rain or snow*

Failing to follow these instructions will void your warranty if our product is exposed to water damage. We ship our remotes and collars completely charged and ready for use. Just follow the simple manual and instructions and you'll be on your way to having a dog that will be more disciplined and well trained.

Charging Your Remote:

When plugging in your charging pin please make sure to push it deep enough until you hear a "clicking" sound or when it feels it can't go any deeper. If you push or force it beyond that point you will short or damage the remote where you will not be able to charge it anymore. We use the same remote on both of our remote training collars and please be sure to charge them following these instructions to avoid failure to your remote or training product.
Charing your 100% Submersible Training Collar. Please make sure to tap out and clean any water residue left inside of the charging port itself with a Q tip. By not maintaining and keeping it clean you will short the training collar and it will become unusable. Please look at the picture below for cleaning instructions.
Use Q-Tip and clean inside in a circular motion
Do not charge collar if you see water inside!
If you are unsure on how to clean or use both of our remote training collar units "please" give us a call at 613-294-5374 for more information. It is very difficult to explain by text or email and much easier by phone and would appreciate the call instead of other methods, thanks.