This is the most and simplest solution to correcting your dog's barking or howling behaviour. Just find the right stimulus setting for your dog and if he barks or howls it will send a static shock correction to his neck!

Features & Specifications:

If you are looking for a simple and cost effective solution to avoid costing a disturbance to your neighbors and especially people in large building complexes this will be your ideal training tool when you are gone to work or leaving your dog alone in a home. Your dog will only be corrected with a static shock when he barks and at no other time.

Model Info: PET-850 Series

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Automatic Static
Shock Collar
External Packaging
Receiver & Charging Unit
Automatic Bark Dog Training Collar (Rechargeable & Waterproof)
(Rechargeable & Waterproof Unit. No Batteries Required!)
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Prevent your dog from howling & barking which is also a major annoyance to your neighbors!
Have you lost that friendly neighbor or getting letters of eviction in your apartment?
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PetProducts4Less offers a range of solutions that allows you to manage your pet at a distance for safe and effective behaviour correction. We sell pet training products such as automatic dog barking collars, rechargeable & waterproof remote training collars and indoor static mats for cats & dogs. Please see below for more information.

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