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PetProducts4Less offers a range of solutions that allows you to manage your pet at a distance for safe and effective behaviour correction. We sell pet training products such as automatic dog barking collars, rechargeable & waterproof remote training collars and indoor static mats for cats & dogs. Please see below for more information.

BE AWARE OF "KNOCK-OFFS!": Our branded "Petainer & iPets" brand we sell on our website are originals and sold direct to us from the manufacturer. Please be very aware that many being sold on the internet that carry our brand are "knock-offs" being sold for much less! Some will even go as far as carry a patent label, stickers but the quality and internal designs will fail within days or from weeks to months of normal use. Read more...

Remote Dog Training Collar ((Rechargeable & Water Resistant)

Both remote and static shock collar can be recharged, no batteries required! All of our remote dog training collars are completely rechargeable and require "NO BATTERIES"

Spend less time training and more time enjoying your dog's companionship. At the push of a button, the remote sends a signal, activating your dog’s Receiver Collar from up to 300 meters away. The collar delivers a safe, gentle static correction.

Your dog will quickly learn the association between his behavior and the correction, making it easy for you to teach your dog new commands or better behavior. Our Remote Rechargeable & Water Resistant Trainer is a reliable, versatile, easy-to-use tool to help you train your dog off-leash. More info.

Do you have two dogs and and need a dual collar set? Whether if you need a 1 or 2 remote dog training you can select both options below.

You can purchase single or dual collar sets by clicking on this link!

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If you've purchased a remote training collar please make sure to read this section on how to properly care for your shock collars and charging instructions. By following these simple instructions your remote training collars will last much longer and and will work as intended. Click here!

NEW PRODUCTS JUST ARRIVED - Last Updated Dec 6, 2016
We just got in 2 new amazing completely rechargeable remote dog training collars as we've had many request for small dog owners and a specialized unit for hunting dogs that retrieve or just dogs in general that love the mud and streams! Most Rugged Training Unit! | Best Unit for Small Dogs!

What's best with all of our units no matter which one you buy is that ALL COLLARS & REMOTES ARE 100% RECHARGEABLE! This means "NO BATTERIES" are needed to operate either remote or collar on whatever training units you decide to buy, plain and simple!

We now offer a one time 6 Months "In-House" Direct Product Replacement Warranty! Most retail stores only offer a 30 Days In-Store guarantee and we are giving you 6 months! More info

Are you getting bored of taking your dog to the same old park?

Try out this Park Finder and all you have to do is enter your postal code to view the closest dog parks in your area or even better enter a postal code a few kilometers away to see new and other interesting areas in the Ottawa and surrounding area! Try it now!
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FAQ: What if I don't need a submersible shock collar for my dog?

If you need a rechargeable training unit that is water resistant because your dog doesn't swim here is the best unit for you! More info.

For Your Info: If you allow your dog to swim in streams, lakes and rivers or at anytime going under water with a training collar then you must purchase this PET-998D model to provide complete protection to the shock collar so it won't be damaged from the elements all year long. BUY NOW!

Great for dogs that love to swim in lakes, rivers, pools and streams!

Quick Specifications:

1) Function: Static shock & vibration has 0-100 levels of stimulus which is great from dogs 10 lbs-130+lbs. No batteries required for remote and collar!

2) Remote Distance: It can reach 300 meters from the shock collar to the remote.

3) Method of Training: Static shock, vibration, Noise mode and LED.

4) Rechargeable: Both Collar and remote are 100% rechargeable and "NO" batteries are required.

5) Charging Unit: Comes with 2 X charging pins to charge both collar & remote at the same time!

6) SPECIALIZED FEATURE: The stimulus on the collar is calibrated also for very small dogs that don't require a high shock level which means you won't have to worry about hurting your dog and starting off with a very minimal shock level to train them!
ONLY $79.95 + (HST) Regular Price $99.95
Compare at $175.00+ from Petsmart! (PET-998D Series)

Remote                           Charger                        Submersible Collar          Water Resistant Collar
Submersible & Water Resistant Training Combo Set

What if I need a set for a dog that swims and the second one that doesn't?

For the people that require one submersible shock collar and one water resistant collar we also have a training set that is configured and programmed to do this without having to purchase two different sets. If you have one dog that loves to swim and one who doesn't then this is the perfect training set for you. Since our submersible and water resistant set uses the same remote this means we can program both collars to one remote so you don't have to purchase two different remote training sets.

This means you can program channel 1 for the more problematic dog and channel 2 for the second dog that has less behavioral issues. 

Below is what you will get with our dual collar training set:

This dual collar remote training set will come with 1 submersible & 1 water resistant shock collar, 2 neck collars, 2 sets of long & shorts prongs, a power tester, 1 charger, 1 remote and packaged in a retail box.


619 Series Remote Dog Training Collar - Great especially for small dogs and all size dogs!

Special Features:

1) Rechargeable Remote & Collar (NO BATTERIES REQUIRED FOR OPERATION!)

2) Submersible & waterproof collar (Collar is 30% smaller than an average size collar)

3) Direct correction buttons on remote and no need to switch training modes!

Fully Rechargeable | 100% Waterproof Collar | Easy Access Buttons | No Switching Modes! | No Batteries Required Read more about our 619 Series!

ON SALE $79.95 REGULAR PRICE $119.95 YOU SAVE $39.95!



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In Ottawa’s Greenbelt, you can take your leashed dog on most trails. There are also many places where you can bring your dog without a leash. Dogs are not allowed on any Greenbelt trails in the winter (Dec 1 to April 14). There are also 12 kilometres of trails where dogs are not permitted at any time of year, for conservation reasons.

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Our new most rugged and most durable dog training collar we sell on PetProducts4Less.com with the best "Power Saving Mode Technology".

Special Features:

1) Collar can be submersed under water for 2-3 hours.

2) Both shock collar & remote are rechargeable, NO BATTERIES REQUIRED FOR OPERATION!

3) Both shock collar & remote are 100% WATERPROOF!

FYI: For a comparable price to this unit they are usually being sold for $250+ that have the same features, why pay more? Read more about our 916 Series!

ON SALE $99.95 REGULAR PRICE $149.95 YOU SAVE $49.95!

We ONLY provide warranty support for our products sold on www.PetProducts4Less.com and please make sure to have your invoice or PayPal purchase information available for us to see. We deal direct with the manufacturer and owners of this label and if you purchase direct from us you can be GUARANTEED that we will honor all warranties and replace your products right after we receive your product for testing to verify it's defectiveness. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE OUR TAMPER SEAL AS IT WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY!

We have special patent numbers that have been engraved on our products and to ensure our suppliers copyright regulations we take all RMA records and also apply a "tamper=proof" seal on every product we sell at www.PetProducts4Less.com. Please do not remove the tamper seal as this will void all warranties you may have with us. A good rule of thumb to follow to identify these "knock-offs" is that if their prices are too low, their packages is different in any way from ours and sometimes the weight of the remote and collars itself is lighter than our products these are the main key areas to look for in our opinion since we have been mailed these units by our customers for us to see. The MOST important issue we also found was that the so called it "knock-offs" have a tendency to break down after water exposure  due to them not being sealed properly.

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I reside in the US and do not see an option for shipping to USA, do you ship to the US?

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